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Situation :
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Cadillac - Côtes de Bordeaux

Surface :
The estate lies over 150 hectares, 65 of which are planted with vines.

Soils :
The vines lie on south facing clayey-limestone hillsides covered with stony gravel.

Grape varieties :
30% of the vineyard is over 40 years old and 70% between 8 and 25 years old. The grape varieties planted are 65% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Cabernet Franc.

Production :
Château Carignan Prima: 60.000 bottles
Château Carignan: 150.000 bottles
L'Orangerie de Carignan:195.000 bottles
L'Orangerie de Carignan Rosé: 21 000 bottles
L'Orangerie de Carignan Blanc : 15 000 bottles

Wine making :
Plantation density is 6,950 vines per hectare on 30% of the vineyard and 5,000 vines per hectare over the remaining 70%.
The grapes for the Château Carignan wines are hand harvested, machine harvesting is used for the other wines.
Sorting tables and a private winery with small heat controlled tanks ensure full control of parcel selection for wine making.

Ageing :
Maturing is in 100% new oak casks for the Château Carignan Prima and in one or maximum two wine casks for the Château Carignan.

Other wines :


Château Carignan

The Lord's domain of Carignan first appeared on registers in the 11th Century and was built on the site of a Roman villa.

It was a gift to Jean Poton de Xaintrailles from Charles VII, king of France. Poton de Xaintrailles, a companion in arms of Joan of Arc, built the present castle in 1452 and one year later crushed the English army led by Connetable Talbot at the battle of Castillon, thus putting an end to the Hundred Year War, enabling the Aquitaine region to return to French rule.

He subsequently became Governor of Aquitaine and, with the judicious help of Bishop Pey Berlan from Bouliac, put down the beginnings of a civil war in Bordeaux between partisans of the English and the victorious French troops. Château Carignan was called Motta-Verta initially and was renamed Talence in the early 16th Century.

Among the successive owners were some illustrious families including the Canteloups, Géres, de Vallier and Jean Dubernet, who upon his death in 1652 left the property to one of his daughters who married Jean Baptiste Gaston de Secondat, baron of Montesquieu, lawyer at the Parliament of Toulouse.

In 1689, the year that the future writer and philosopher Charles Louis de Secondat was born, the estate was sold to the 'De la Devise' family. They later sold on to the Cursol family who lived on the estate until the early 19th century. In 1814 General Etienne Donna, aide-de-camp to Joseph Bonaparte, bought the property and his family later sold to Mr. Honoré Picon in 1892.

His heirs sold to André Abadie in 1940. Philippe Pieraerts bought the estate from the latter's heirs in 1981. The estate is now the property of Andy Lench since the end of 2007.

Owner :
Château Carignan
Terroir et Tradition SA
Phone :
05 56 21 21 30
Manager :
Fax / Cell phone :
05 56 78 36 65 / N.A.
Address :
60, Allée des Châteaux
33360 Carignan de Bordeaux
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Wine Vintage Price  
Château Carignan Prima Cadillac - Côtes de Bordeaux Rouge 2006 15 €
Château Carignan Prima Cadillac - Côtes de Bordeaux Rouge 2008 18 €
Château Carignan Prima Cadillac - Côtes de Bordeaux Rouge 2011 19 €
Château Carignan Cadillac - Côtes de Bordeaux Rouge 2011 9 €
L'Orangerie de Carignan Cadillac - Côtes de Bordeaux Rouge 2013 6.5 €
L'Orangerie de Carignan Vin de Pays de l'Atlantique Bordeaux Rosé 2014 5.6 €
L'Orangerie de Carignan Bordeaux Blanc 2014 5.6 €
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